Member Show of the Year

Here is a bit of news that we ran across on the NAMHSA webpage; All though this was our first show that we ever hosted, we did not win. Our congratulations go out to MITS for 2018 winner. This was very unexpected. Usually, a host never really knows how the people who came to the show really felt. We only know, when someone that is attending the show, says something (either positive or negative) about how it went. We want to thank whoever nominated us!

So if our show in AUG 2017 was good, just wait until this next one on APR 6, 2019 happens. If anyone attending the show, believes that the show is noteworthy of being nominated again this year, we would appreciate that a bunch. Below is the link for the nomination form.

From NAMHSA Webpage;

NAMHSA would like to congratulate the following shows on being nominated for 2018 Member Show of the Year (MSOTY)!

  • All-American Quarter Horse Model Horse Show, hosted by Kim Bjorgo-Thorne. Held October 6, 2017, in Columbus, OH (R7)
  • River City Model Horse Show Live, hosted by Angela Morlock. Held August 12, 2017, in Evansville, IN (R8)
  • Raise the Roof Live!, hosted by Tanya Lewis. Held September 8, 2017, in Becker, MN (R4)
  • MITS (Models in the Sunshine), hosted by Jackie Moore. Held January 13, 2018, in Port St Lucie, FL (R6)
  • 30th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention, hosted by Laura Behning. Held October 7, 2017 in Covington, GA (R6)